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August Birthstone – Peridot

August Birthstone – Peridot

For those of you who live in the beautiful town of St Albans,the earliest recorded use of the gemstone Peridot in England is in the register of the St Albans Abbey, written in Latin, and its translation in 1705 is possibly the first use of “peridot” in English. It records that on his death in 1245 Bishop John bequeathed various items to the Abbey: “He gave also three noble Rings, in one whereof is an Oriental Sapphire, of wonderful bigness: In another is the Stone called Peridot, in the middle whereof is set a Sapphire of great beauty; it is said to be good against the Cramp, and is made almost in the form of a Buckler: in the third Ring is also an Oriental Sapphire, but less than the former.” (information found on Wikipedia)
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