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Opal – The Birthstone for October

Opal is a hardened silica gel, it usually contains water and unlike most gemstones it is non-crystalline. There are two varieties: precious opal, which shows flashes of colour depending on the angle of viewing and common or “potch” opal which is often opaque and does not display colour.
The word opal has origins in the Latin word “opalus” meaning stone of several elements and in the Greek word “Opallios” which translates as colour change, and it was said that the Bedouins believed that opals fell from heaven in flashes of lightning
Wearing an opal is said to strengthen memory and self esteem. In the middle ages blonde haired women wore opals to prevent their hair colour from fading. It is also said that opals guard against evil and protect eyesight. A beautiful gemstone which captures so many colours, a “rainbow” stone, come and see what we have in store.

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