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Jewellery Repairs

If any of your jewellery has broken and you’d like to have it repaired, then we can help. Alternatively, you may be wondering how much something would cost to repair. If you give us a call we can give you a rough estimate over the phone. For an accurate quotation, we would of course need to see the item.

Our jewellery repairs workshop in St Albans, Hertfordshire offers first class jewellery repairs and re modelling. Our team of goldsmiths and silversmiths deal with all jewellery repairs, from soldering breaks in chains, supplying and setting stones, to sizing rings, to complex remaking of worn out favourite pieces. We also provide professional pearl and bead restringing.

Take advantage of our free jewellery repairs estimating service if you are unsure whether or not to proceed with any jewellery repair. Our highly skilled team will give you a realistic assessment of an item’s value, thereby enabling you to make an informed decision.


An independent valuation service is offered weekly by a National Association of Jewellers registered valuer. This service is chargeable but offers you a detailed certificate with a breakdown of each item.

There are three main types of valuation available:

Insurance - The valuation is usually based on the cost of replacing your jewellery with similar items.  If you prefer, it may be based on the estimated costs of re-creating articles exactly to the original designs. 

Probate - The valuation is based on the price which the jewellery would have realised had it been sold at the time of the death of the owner.  As this does not take into account the current cost of labour, materials or tax but only the current situation, the figures put on jewellery valued for probate will be considerably lower than those for insurance purposes.

Private Sale - The valuation will take into account not only the condition, style and quality of the jewellery but the jeweller’s view of the market possibilities at the time of the valuation.   Fair selling prices will be suggested on the date of appraisal – probably a figure between insurance and probate values.


Hand Made Custom Designed Jewellery Service

We offer a design service where, after an initial in-depth consultation, our Goldsmiths will create a sketch reflecting your individual ideas. After choosing from a superlative selection of gemstones offered for your approval, your personal creation is handmade using the finest quality materials and presented to you upon completion with its own professional valuation certificate.

The following are a selection of an exclusive range of unique and beautifully hand crafted pieces, featuring the finest selection of unusual gemstones that highlights the outstanding craftsmanship of our Goldsmiths.

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